A subscription service for Sensors with low/predictable costs.

Lifetime Warranty and Support

$1999 and $139/month

Low upfront investment

A fraction of the cost of comparable sensors without the risk


Superior diagnostic images Fast image capture Most comfortable sensor design


Zero deductible warranty for as long as you’re a member

Subscription Service

Predictable monthly costs Protects against technology obsolescence Enables you to scale your pratice with multiple sensors

ongoing support & training

Live chat and remote support. Online video training courses. Priority sensor replacement

seamless integration

Guaranteed compatibility with all major Imaging Software

Do the Math

Do you know what you really pay for a name brand sensor?  Dexis, Schick and others have high initial costs plus ongoing costs for Support/Warranty.  They also have high deductibles if your sensor fails.

solo DEXIS
Initial Sensor Cost $1,999 $9,995
Years of Included Warranty Unlimited 1
Extended Warranty & Support Cost/Yr $1,668 $1,995
5 Year Cost $10,339 $17,975
Cost of Damaged Sensor $0* $4997
NOTE:  Dexis prices based on published MSRP and continuation of DexCare after initial warranty.

* First damaged sensor forgiven for each office with Accident Forgiveness program

solo Schick 1&2
Initial Cost of a Size 1 $1,999  $8295
Initial Cost of a Size 2  $8995
Years of Included Warranty Unlimited 2
Extended Warranty & Support Cost/Yr $1,668 $1380
Deductible for Each Failed Sensor (avg) $0  $3,800
5 Year Cost $10,339 $29,030
NOTE: Sensors assumed to fail once each in a 5 year period