the forever sensor

key features

  • Single Sensor Solution!  Save money and time.

  • Highest ratio of active area to size in the market – Patented technology allows SOLO to produce a Size 2 image with the comfort of a Size 1

  • Comfortable corners for better positioning.  Angled cable exit reduces cable torque.

  • Low Dose Imaging – Optimized for premium image quality at low dose.

  • Works seamlessly within all popular imaging applications.  SEE HOW

  • Robust USB Connection


  • Unparalleled Comfort – Smaller size, cut corners and angled cable exit
  • Larger Image Area – SOLO has 2mm more image length than DEXIS
  • Outstanding image Quality….26% higher resolution than DEXIS!
  • Incredible Value – SOLO is a fraction of the DEXIS price.
  • Compatible – DEXIS only works with DEXIS software, but the JAZZ SOLO works within most leading software applications…including DEXIS!

Smaller Exterior Size…

  • Unmatched comfort – Cut housing corners improve anterior and posterior positioning
  • Angled cable exit – improves comfort and anterior positioning
  • Save Money – no need to purchase two sensors
  • Save Time– streamline positioning and workflow
  • Outstanding image quality – extremely low noise and 20+ lp/mm contrast visiblity
  • Ultra Rugged –Solid as a rock and built to last. We don’t need a replaceable cable because they don’t fail…we guarantee it

= Size 2 image area

= Size 1 comfort


1460 x 1936 pixels
18 microns
20+ lp/mm
50 uGy minimum
9 feet
USB 2.0
26.3mm x 34.8mm
39.1mm x 30mm
SOLO DEXIS size 1+2
Premium Image Quality
Single Sensor Solution
Comfortable Design
Highest Image Area to Size Ratio
Damage Resistant USB Connection
Low, Predictable Costs
Compatible with All Major Imaging Software
Zero Deductible Sensor Replacement