The Jazz Solo Sensor

Our single-sensor solution has already disrupted the dental industry and changed the way
dental practices acquire intra-oral sensors

Comfort Corners
Beveled corners for easier positioning
Low Dose Imaging
Premium images with minimal x-ray
Highest Image Area Ratio
Size 2 image with Size 1 comfort
Angled cable exit for comfort

Greater clarity at greater value.

Don’t take our word for it. See firsthand how our sensors deliver cutting-edge technology with
crystal-clear, high-resolution imaging output.
Solo Dental X-ray Sensor

One sensor is better than two

Size 2 Image with Size 1 Comfort

Sensor Repair for Dexis

SOLO vs Dexis

Seamless integration
with your current software

Our sensors are designed to integrate seamlessly with every major imaging application on
the market – with true compatibility and without TWAIN limitations on most software.


We call it SOLO because you don’t need two sensors.  Patented technology gives SOLO a Size 2 image with Size 1 comfort.

SOLO is a premium sensor, designed and built in the USA…not Asia.  Built to last with the newest technology in the market. It also works seamlessly in your current imaging software.  A 30 day money back guarantee means you can try SOLO with no risk.

Premium Image Quality
Single Sensor Solution
Comfortable Design
Image Area (% of Total Size)
910 mm^2 (71% of sensor)
790 mm^2 (71% of sensor)
875 mm^2 (79% of sensor)
7.0 mm
8.8 mm
7.5 mm
EXTERIOR Dimensions
43 x 30 mm
39 x 30 mm
39 x 30 mm
direct integration with all major imaging software
Initial Cost
$7995 (Size 2)
2 years
1 year
Extended Warranty and Support
Accidental Damage
Not Covered
Not Covered
extended warranty replacement cost
  • Schick – Schick 33 size 2 sensor info, price, extended warranty and replacement cost based on PTC Schick Service Club T&C’s and specifications.  Extended warranty optional after standard warranty.
  • Dexis – based on retail pricing and DexSite T&C’s. Extended warranty optional after standard warranty.
  • Jazz – zero deductible lifetime warranty & support for duration of Jazz Club membership.  One accidental damaged sensor forgiven per customer.

Still have questions?

Our support team is here to help. We’re available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you
may have – and how Harmony & Jazz Solo Sensor can play a role in helping your practice