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Imaging Software - New...and FREE

• Simple to use
• Works with all major dental imaging equipment
• Stand alone or networked
• Designed using the latest Windows technology
• Fast and secure to protect patient data with modern security methods
• Free for Jazz customers


The best option if you are being forced to a costly Cloud based solution or want to move away from expensive legacy imaging software

Easy to use interface

Icon based interface with no drop-down menus

Capture Images Quickly

Choose one of our preset templates to capture exams with just a few clicks

Powerful Image Search

Search patient exams by date or  location and view anatomically or by date

Enhance or Annotate

Use a powerful set of tools to enhance or annote images

Find Exams Quickly

Locate exams with a click

Compare Selected Images

Add images of your choice to our Viewbox for quick, side by side comparison

Create Custom Templates

Modify or create your templates using desired hardware to meet your needs

Print, Email or Export

Print, email or save entire exams or selected images

Customizable Interface

Choose a color scheme of your choice and add frequently used exams to your main screen

Works with your existing hardware

Classic works with all major equipment using either direct integration or TWAIN

Works with your practice

Quickly open patient images from most major practice management software

Still Have Questions?

Some of our frequently asked questions, get to know Classic

By selling direct, we cut out several middlemen. First, most sensor companies don’t actually manufacture their own sensors; they buy them and mark them up. We manufacture the Jazz Solo at our site in California. We also don’t use highly commissioned sales people to educate you and demo our sensor. These are modern times where information and remote support are streamlined. The end result is a major savings to our customers.
The JAZZ Club is subscription membership that provides the JAZZ SOLO sensor for your practice. It is “Sensor as a Service??? if you will. Membership includes integration into popular imaging software such as Dexis, VixWin, Apteryx and Eaglesoft Imaging or, if you prefer, you can use our Harmony imaging software.
One size…because that is all you need.
The SOLO sensor was designed with comfort and image size in mind, making it ideal for children and adults. SOLO has image dimensions of competitor Size 2 sensors with the comfort of a Size 1.
It’s the best warranty in the industry, with ZERO DEDUCTIBLE. The Jazz SOLO sensor has a full manufacturer warranty for as long as you’re a member of the Jazz Club.