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DEXIS and Gendex Sensors


SOLO in Schick CDR Software

Jazz SOLO sensors work seamlessly in Schick CDR DICOM Imaging software, side by side with Schick Elite and Schick 33 digital sensors.  This means you will have no change in workflow.  What makes Jazz SOLO unique is that Schick CDR will perform all of its custom image enhancements on SOLO images identically to the native Schick digital sensor.  All other replacement sensors (Apex, Dream Sensor, Clio Sensor, etc) use a TWAIN driver, which means Schick treats the sensor as a scanner and will NOT work properly with templates or perform high-quality enhancements. 

Bottom line, if you have Schick CDR DICOM software you should either stay with Schick or switch to Jazz SOLO.  With all other sensors using TWAIN you will see a serious degradation in image quality and workflow.


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SOLO vs Schick 33

Jazz SOLO has patented technology that allows the sensor to image to the edge all around. Because of this SOLO offers the image area of a Size 2 with the comfort of a Size 1. This means you can get all of the anatomical detail you are looking for in adults and ability to position the sensor comfortably in children.

Get the best features of a Size 1 and 2 with Jazz SOLO!

Compare Specs and Cost

Size 1
Size 2
Premium Image Quality
Single Sensor Solution
Comfortable Design
Image Size (% of Total Size)
30.0 x 20.0 mm (68% of sensor)
36.0 x 25.6 mm (71% of sensor)
34.8 x 26.3 mm (79% of sensor)
7.0 mm
7.0 mm
7.5 mm
EXTERIOR Dimensions
37 x 24 mm
43 x 30 mm
39 x 30 mm
direct integration with all major imaging software
Initial Cost
Annual Extended Warranty (annual)
Accidental Damage
extended warranty replacement cost
5 Year Cost
  • Schick – Schick 33 sensor specifications, price, extended warranty and replacement cost based on Patterson Technology Service Club information.  Extended warranty optional after standard warranty.
  • Jazz – zero deductible lifetime warranty & support for duration of Jazz Club membership.  One accidental damaged sensor forgiven per customer.

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