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Compare SOLO to Foreign Size 1 & 2

DEXIS and Gendex Sensors



The dental sensor industry has a lot of secrets.  For example, did you know that most sensor suppliers do not make their own sensors?  A few overseas factories make generic Size 1 and 2 sensors and sell them to local companies that brand them with names such as Aurora, Apex, Dentimax Dream Sensor, Open Sensor (all made in China or Japan) as well as Clio Sensor, Tuxedo (all made in Europe).  Since these brands do not make their own sensors they do not understand the technology and cannot provide direct manufacturer response to issues. 

Do you know that sensors are relatively cheap to manufacture?  Since most companies do not make their own sensors they pay a hefty markup to their foreign manufacturer.  They also have to pay their outside sales staff or a markup to dealers (Henry Schein, Patterson, Benco, etc) for local sales contact.  NEWS ALERT….sensors are easy to install and your local rep will not be able to help with technical issues. 

Do you know that sensors have a limited life?  Sensors are handled as much as your cell phone and their lifetime varies just as much.  If your staff is careful a sensor can last five years or more, but this often isn’t the case.  Most sensor warranties are limited to manufacture defects for a year or two.  If there are signs of damage (bite marks or dropping) YOU PAY.  If you want warranty and support after the first year or two…YOU PAY.  If your sensor fails after the initial warranty…YOU PAY.  Read the fine print for warranty coverage, extended warranty/support cost and co-payments for sensor failures. 

We manufacture JAZZ sensors in San Jose, CA and our engineers are sensor experts, having developed sensors such as Dexis and Gendex. We continuously improve our sensors to give you the best images and reliability in the market.  We back our sensors with lifetime warranty and support because we understand that sensors don’t last forever and you will need help down the road. 

Foreign Sensors in Major Software

(Dexis/Carestream/Schick CDR/Gendex)

Rebranded foreign sensors (Apex, Dream Sensor, Clio Sensor, Sodium, Tuxedo etc) use a generic driver developed for scanners called “TWAIN” to work in major imaging software such as Dexis/Schick CDR, Eaglesoft, Carestream, Gendex, etc.  TWAIN can have serious drawbacks including:

  • Added software cost to turn on TWAIN capabilities
  • Reduced image quality
  • Inability to acquire into existing sensor templates
  • No access to built-in image enhancements
  • Need to select a ‘TWAIN’ device each time you acquire images

Jazz SOLO sensors work seamlessly in all major imaging software, side by side with Dexis/Carestream/Schick/Gendex digital sensors.  This means you will have no change in workflow or image quality from your native sensor.   Only a true sensor manufacturer can offer this.

Bottom line, if you use Dexis/Carestream/Schick/Gendex, either keep your existing sensor or switch to Jazz SOLO.  With all other sensors using TWAIN you will see a serious degradation in image quality and workflow.

Avoid the PAIN of TWAIN!

SOLO vs Generic Size 1 & 2

Jazz SOLO has patented technology that allows the sensor to image to the edge all around. Because of this SOLO offers the image area of a Size 2 with the comfort of a Size 1. This means you can get all of the anatomical detail you are looking for in adults and ability to position the sensor comfortably in children.

You don’t need two sensors with Jazz SOLO!


Compare Specs and Cost

Size 1
Size 2
Premium Image Quality
Single Sensor Solution
Comfortable Design
Image Size (% of Total Size)
30 x 20 mm (66% of sensor)
36 x 26 mm (70% of sensor)
34.8 x 26.3 mm (79% of sensor)
7.3 mm
7.3 mm
7.5 mm
EXTERIOR Dimensions
36.7 x 24.4 mm
42.8 x 30.5 mm
39 x 30 mm
direct integration with all major imaging software
Initial Cost
Annual Extended Warranty (annual)
Accidental Damage
extended warranty replacement cost
5 Year Cost
  • Generic- Generic sensor specifications, price, extended warranty and replacement cost based on Apex dental published information.  Extended warranty optional after standard warranty.
  • Jazz – zero deductible lifetime warranty & support for duration of Jazz Club membership.  One accidental damaged sensor forgiven per customer.

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