How does Jazz sell so cheap?2018-06-14T13:42:55-07:00

By selling direct, we cut out several middlemen.  First, most sensor companies don’t actually manufacture their own sensors; they buy them and mark them up.  We manufacture the Jazz Solo at our site in California.  We also don’t use highly commissioned sales people to educate you and demo our sensor.  These are modern times where information and remote support are streamlined.  The end result is a major savings to our customers.

What is the JAZZ Club?2017-08-22T10:42:09-07:00

The JAZZ Club is subscription membership that provides the JAZZ SOLO sensor for your practice.  It is “Sensor as a Service” if you will.  Membership includes integration into popular imaging software such as Dexis, VixWin, Apteryx and Eaglesoft Imaging or, if you prefer, you can use our Harmony imaging software.

What is included with my JAZZ Club membership?2017-09-06T15:48:20-07:00

The Jazz Club includes everything you need with no additional charges!

Each membership comes with a JAZZ SOLO sensor, tech support, online training, and zero deductible manufacturer warranty.

What is the sensor warranty?2017-09-06T16:08:47-07:00

It’s the best warranty in the industry, with ZERO DEDUCTIBLE.  The Jazz SOLO sensor has a full manufacturer warranty for as long as you’re a member of the Jazz Club.

Can I use Solo with my current imaging software?2020-09-25T11:01:24-07:00

YES.  With  Jazz Fusion software, the SOLO sensor will operate seamlessly with many popular imaging applications…just plug and play. This includes:

– Dexis 9, 10 and 11

– Carestream

– Gendex VixWin

– Patterson/Eaglesoft Imaging

– Schick

– Apteryx

– Sirona Sidexis

– Planmeca


– And Many More

We also work with any imaging software that supports TWAIN

Does Jazz Imaging offer support and training?2017-09-06T15:51:39-07:00

Jazz Imaging offers installation help, technical support and training  as part of the Jazz Club.  In addition we have extensive online training including videos and remote desktop help.

What sizes of sensors are available to me?2020-09-25T11:01:24-07:00

One size…because that is all you need.

The SOLO sensor was designed with comfort and image size in mind, making it ideal for children and adults.  SOLO has image dimensions of competitor Size 2 sensors with the comfort of a Size 1.

Is there a guarantee?2019-11-26T12:29:42-08:00

Yes!  Every membership comes with a 30 day 100% performance guarantee.  All fees will be refunded if you choose not to keep the membership within 30 days of receipt.

Can I buy the sensor instead of joining the JAZZ CLUB?2020-04-20T13:18:45-07:00

Yes, a purchase option for the sensor exists.  See HERE.

Is the SOLO sensor considered premium sensor or a budget sensor?2017-02-06T15:32:19-08:00

Both.  The SOLO sensor is a premium sensor in terms of design, material and quality and it is by far the most budget friendly option on the market today.

How similar is the Jazz Solo to Dexis?2020-09-25T11:01:24-07:00

The physical size and many characteristics related to comfort are the same, but many improvements were made in the Jazz Solo sensor.  Image area is significantly increased, making it similar to other competitors Size 2 products.  We also optimized the sensor for low dose performance and provide tools to optimize image quality while minimizing patient dose.  Improvements were made to make the sensor and cable more durable.  However, we decided not to match Dexis in one key area…price!

What are the computer requirements?2020-05-28T12:45:33-07:00

– Windows 7 or newer operating system required. Service Pack 1 must be installed.  NOTE:  Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and is no longer HIPAA complaint.

– USB 2.0 ports

– Internet access is required for remote support, software/firmware updates and sensor licensing.

What holders does the JAZZ SOLO work with?2017-02-22T23:58:22-08:00

Jazz developed a unique positioning system that speeds up workflow and eliminates confusion.  You don’t have time to assemble a box of parts with a patient waiting; each of our holders is one piece and only fits one way…simple.

What if I want multiple sensors?2017-08-22T10:39:45-07:00

The sign-up fee and monthly JAZZ CLUB membership is for each individual sensor.

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