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Fixing Intermittent Problems

Many intermittent issues with the SOLO sensor are caused by problems with the USB connection.  If you experience intermittent issues, please try the following short and long term fixes:

1.  Swap USB cables

You should always have a spare cable.  You can purchase them through Jazz Imaging or Amazon at the following link:

(Note:  Jazz cables come with contact cleaner already applied for improved connection)

2.  Change USB Ports or computer

A different computer or port in your existing computer may behave better.

3.  Apply Contact Cleaner to all of your USB Ports

This is the most reliable fix for all computers and USB equipment in your practice.  You can purchase contact cleaner from Amazon here

Apply cleaner to cables

Using the brush in the cleaning bottle, apply fluid to the metal contacts on the large USB end. You can also add fluid to the smaller end of the cable.

Apply cleaner to ports

Apply cleaner to the metal contacts on all computer ports.