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Security Program

Report Security Concerns with Jazz Imaging Software

Cybersecurity and Jazz Imaging Products

Jazz Imaging is dedicated to creating products that our customers can trust. We’ve dedicated ourselves to maintain the safety and efficacy of our medical devices throughout their product lifecycles. One of the practices we’ve adopted is a Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure program, a way for us to collaborate with independent researchers on improving the security of our devices to protect dental organizations and their patients.

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

Under the Jazz Security Program, you can submit research for a security vulnerability for Jazz Imaging products. We believe that independent research can be an invaluable tool in helping address security threats related to our products. We’ve made it easy for independent researchers to submit their findings and collaborate with our organization when they find vulnerabilities is our medical device products.

Jazz CVD Submission Criteria

Jazz Imaging will accept security research from the following categories for our products:

  • Dental Imaging Software

How to Submit a Vulnerability

Vulnerabilities can be submitted using the dedicated form. Briefly describe the vulnerability you found in our product and provide answers to questions in the form.

Please follow the directions on the form for more details on how to proceed.

Jazz Imaging’s Response to Your Submission

After submitting your research, you will receive a response from our team confirming we received your submission within 5 business days.

Once we’ve reviewed your submission, our team will reach out and provide you with an estimated remediation timeline. You can expect our team to update you periodically on the status of remediation throughout its assessment.